TitleAllium ursinum + Daphne laureola (48°07' N 16°14' E)
2010.03.19 Austria, Lower Austria, district Mödling, 430 m AMSL, mixed forest (mainly beech and black pine, Wienerwald). Habitat of A. ursinum: even the young shoots couldn't possibly be mistaken for anything else; when they're grown fully they'll cover the whole ground there with their leaves. D. laureola not uncommon in Wienerwald but else rare, A. ursinum very common. German name: Bärlauch; Lorbeer-Seidelbast ID: Fischer, Exkursionsflora 3rd
Original URLhttps://farm5.staticflickr.com/4010/4490153529_5c95bcac8d_o.jpg
photographerHermann Falkner
providerFlickr: EOL Images
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